What are the advantages of smart doorlock compared to beryllium copper lock?

Now smart doorlock is getting more and more popular, because it is too big compared to ordinary locks!

1, anti-theft

Ordinary mechanical locks are easy to open and easy to be opened by technology. They are turned on in a few seconds or ten minutes, and the anti-theft coefficient is relatively poor. Smart doorlock's anti-theft technology has high opening capability and high security, and can set multiple sets of passwords. With password anti-peep function.

2, non-replicability

The keys of ordinary mechanical locks are easily lost or even copied; Smart doorlock generally uses live fingerprints to open the door and is difficult to copy.

3, convenience

Ordinary mechanical locks require mechanical keys, and each door needs to be equipped with one or a few keys. When there are many keys, carrying them becomes a big problem; Smart doorlock is safe and convenient to operate, no need to carry the keys with you, and it is always Without losing the key, one's fingerprint will remain unchanged for life, and the fingerprint can be used once for a lifetime.

4, long-term maintenance-free

Under normal circumstances, the service life of ordinary mechanical locks is relatively short, and it is easy to malfunction during use; Smart doorlock basically does not have these faults, even if there are some minor faults for some reasons. However, it can also be opened by other means, unlike ordinary mechanical locks, which can only be opened by a key.

Smart Doorlock

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