How much do you know about the smart plug?

The sockets used by many people at home are still old-fashioned. There are either a lot of jacks or few jacks. Nowadays, with the advancement of intelligence, the smart plug has slowly begun to enter the public's field of vision.

From design to function to security, today's smart plugs have become very powerful. With the increase of mobile devices, the function of the smart plug is no longer so simple. Not only does it guarantee the traditional jack, but it also adds sockets for those USB charging, and some can even act as a USB extender for the computer.

What is a smart plug?

The smart plug is a safe, energy-efficient, multi-function socket. In addition to meeting the needs of the common two-type three-type plug, plus a USB interface, it is convenient to charge the electronic device, eliminating the trouble of using the conversion head to occupy the socket space.

Is the smart plug charging the phone safe?

A big part of the smart plug is the convenience of charging mobile phones, charging tablets and other electronic devices. Many people are worried about the safety of charging. In fact, you don't have to worry, this is the same as the effect of using traditional charging methods.

The daily output of the practical home socket is not high, and the high-quality socket has the function of distributing current, and multiple devices can also supply power at the same time. Make electricity more safe and reliable.

The more smart plug interfaces, the better?

Many electronic products are now designed with a USB interface, and several people may need to use several devices at the same time. Is that the more sockets you buy, the better? Will it affect the usability? We recommend that you buy a socket with no more than 4 interfaces, 2-3 best! Because the more interfaces The higher the current, the higher the probability that that module will heat up. Wine can not be greedy, socket interface can not be greedy, the right amount is best.

smart plug

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